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FOKO - Research Colloquium

Winter Term 2017/18

Following you can find the FOKO programme for the recent winter term. The events are currently still planned and will be added consecutively.

What is the Research Colloquium?

The Research Colloquium (FOKO) covers current research projects at the School of Spatial Planning. Its aim is to explore new research fields, to build links between research projects and to show new ways for the development of spatial planning as a science. The colloquium addresses students, faculty members, and practitioners.

Where and when?

FOKO takes place on Tuesday from 6.00 to 7.30 pm at TU Dortmund University, South Campus, GB III, August-Schmidt-Str. 10, Room 214. There are no sessions during the spring and summer breaks.


Dipl.-Ing. Sophie Arens

Forthcoming events





Past dates of the current term

Einflussfaktoren von Verkehrsunfallrisiken auf Basis wohnortbezogener Unfalldaten

01/23/2018 – Dipl. Stat. Inga Faller Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin am Fachgebiet Verkehrswesen und Verkehrsplanung, Fakultät Raumplanung Im vergangenen Jahr gab es rund 308.000 Verkehrsunfälle mit Personenschäden in Deutschland. Die...


The local politics of parking space: The role of car parking in the transport and planning of Australian and German cities

10/24/2017 – Dr. Elizabeth Jean TaylorVice Chancellor's Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Centre for Urban Research, School of Global, Urban and Social Studies, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia Car parking is often an expected but...