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Dr. rer.pol. Rainer Stierand - formerly Research Associates

Email: rainer.stierand(at)tu-dortmund.de

since 01.07.2006

Hinter den Höfen 16

D-01936 Schwepnitz

Phone: +49 35797 73891

Fax: +49 35797 63896

Fields of work

  • Regional development in low density rural areas, development of villages
  • Urban planning in small and medium-sized cities
  • Work on urban renewal and neighbourhood planning in large cities with a sociological focus
  • Transitions and leitbilder of the interaction between cities, suburban areas and peripherality
  • Socioeconomic conditions and objectives of landscape planning
  • Rehabilitation of former industrial sites and of formerly industrial or military used landscapes
  • Loss of population and its consequences for supply with public infrastrucure, in particular with social infrastructure
  • Public participation in planning and politics, discursive planning processes, networks and partnerships in spatial planning, "bottom up" approach
  • Spatial planning in Middle and Eastern Europe, in particular in connection with the extension of the European Union and its transformation processes
  • Theory of planning, decision processes and planning support by quantitative methods