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Urban form and mobility : Multi-scale comparison between Paris and Rhine-Ruhr regions

Florent Le Néchet PhD student at Paris-Est university, ENPC - Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées

Debates about urban form and mobility have long focused on urban sprawl (Newman and Kenworthy, 1999 ; Gordon and Richardson 1997). More recently (Schwannen, 2001 ; Aguilera, 2005), polycentric vs. monocentric form of settlement has been looked at. It is unclear whether a polycentric pattern generates more car trips, or longer car trips, than would do a monocentric pattern.

The main objective of my PhD is to compare Paris and Rhine-Ruhr regions, which have the same population (10 M) and density, but obvious differences about urban form. In a first part of this presentation I will detail a background work I did on 25 European cities plus theoretical patterns to help define the urban form indicators I will use (using EEA and IUTP databases). I will then describe some mobility data for both Paris and Rhine-Ruhr regions, at Kreis level, and try to draw some hypothesis on how I would disentangle the two scales of study (Kreis scale and metropolitan scale).

The poster of this colloquium can be found here.