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Urban Renewal Initiatives in the Central University Belt (U-Belt) in the City of Manila, Philippines

Prof. Dr. Zenaida Manalo School of Urban and Regional Planning (SURP), University of the Philippines

This is a methodological presentation describing the application of the Area Stakeholders Analysis, which used primary and secondary data collection methods, as a major tool in the conduct of the urban renewal study in the centre of the city.
The study had the following objectives:

  • Ascertain area-based problems, issues and concerns, and analyze these within the context of urban renewal, public-private partnership and community governance;
  • Conceptualize an area development framework that can facilitate the identification, prioritization and implementation of potential initiatives for urban renewal;
  • Formulate area development schemes, policies, programs, and projects that can address the identified problems, issues and concerns; and
  • Create awareness of possible partnerships by offering some institutional options or mechanisms through which the various stakeholders can directly be involved in the urban renewal initiatives for the Central U-Belt.

The presentation will likewise give the present status of the project showing what has been accomplished so far.

The poster of this colloquium can be found here.