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Whose interest finally counts? Forms of urban extension and arising challenges for planning in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dipl.-Ing. Kirsten Hackenbroch, Shahadat Hossain MA Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Faculty of Spatial Planning, TU Dortmund University

In our presentation we discuss the challenges arising for urban planning when confronted with rapid urban extension and a diversity of interests. Urban expansion (with a focus on housing) here mainly takes three forms: housing development by the statutory planning authority, housing development by the real estate sector and small-scale development by local investors and land developers. All these forms of urban expansion are characterised by violations of existing plans and informal approaches to getting the projects implemented. The access to powerful actors often determines the spatial development, rather than planning intervention. Both in statutory and real estate projects it is the original land owners whose interests are least considered. The developments which we investigated in Dhaka very illustratively show which problems can arise for planning under conditions of extensive urban expansion, based both on population growth and growing demand for ‘modern’ housing. The interests and power constellations involved in Dhaka will provide a picture of the challenges in negotiating a pathway for planning that seeks to establish spatialities of justice.

Der Vortrag stellt das mit dem Forschungspreis der Fakultät Raumplanung 2012 ausgezeichnete Projekt vor.

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