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Challenges for effective planning of Australian cities

Prof. Robin Goodman (School of Global Urban and Social Studies, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia)

Australian cities face many of the same issues encountered by cities the world over. The challenges of providing affordable housing, an efficient transport system and liveable neighbourhoods are widely shared across the globe. However Australian cities have some marked differences with many European cities, with very low density urban sprawl, car dependency and high population growth rates. The pressures on the largest cities - Melbourne and Sydney in particular - have drawn planning issues to the attention of governments at every level. Much is now being demanded of planning, yet decades of neoliberal attitudes to market intervention have undermined its ability to deliver. Professor Robin Goodman will outline these issues in her talk and explain why the biggest problem in Australian planning is failure to implement our plans. 

Robin Goodman is Professor of Sustainability and Urban Planning and Deputy Dean in the School of Global Urban and Social Studies at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. Robin has published widely on issues around planning, public policy, sustainability and housing. She is co-author of a book to be published in July 2016 Planning Melbourne – Lessons for a Sustainable City.

The poster of this colloquium can be found here.