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Urban Systems Design using Big-data towards Eco-Urbanism

Yoshiki Yamagata, PhD
Head of Global Carbon Project International Office, Center for Global Environment Research,
National Institute for Environmental Studies, Tsukuba, Japan

In order to achieve a sustainable and resilient Urban Systems Design, we propose a “Wise Shrink” approach grounded on a consideration of trade-offs and synergies between city compaction (climate change mitigation) and disaster risks (climate change adaptation).
The objective of this study is to show the possibility of such designs in the Tokyo metropolitan area using newly developed spatially-explicit urban land-use and statistical models using Big-data such as twitter, GPS and real estate data etc. The results show that wisely designed mitigation policy would also facilitate the adaptation to climate change risks. By harmonizing the different 3D urban designs with the sustainability assessment using newly developed indicators, this study suggests a possible Urban Systems Design approach for achieving sustainable and resilient eco-urbanism.

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