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Metropolitan Studies and Structural Change

Städteregion Ruhr 2030 (2001- 2003)

'Cities in the Ruhr 2030' is one of 21 visioning projects selected by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research in the idea competition 'City 2030'. Under the title 'Region of Cities in the Ruhr 2030', the cities of Duisburg, Mülheim an der Ruhr, Oberhausen, Essen, Gelsenkirchen, Herne, Bochum und Dortmund will draft a vision of their long-term sustainable development. The visioning project is scientifically supported by the Department of Spatial Planning; the project team works at IRPUD.

3,000,000 people live in the eight cities on an area of 1,200 square kilometres in the highly urbanised Ruhr agglomeration. With 56 percent, the share of built-up area of their total area is much higher than the average 12 percent in the Federal Republic; the unemployment rate at the end of the year 2000 was 13.5 percent. The structural economic change of the last decades has deeply changed the economy of the region. However, the institutional structures by which the region is governed and administered have changed too little; there is still too much control 'from above' and 'from the outside' and too much historically grown competition between the municipalities 'from below'. If regional co-operation between cities is to be successful, cities need clear perceptions of their common, but also of their own interests. The joint development of programmatic visions of the future can help to develop such perceptions. The time horizon of 30 years permits to draft such visions free from the constraints of daily policy making.

The project, which started in November of 2001, is organised in three streams:

  1. In the 'Pit Head of Visions' a research group is 'mining' concepts and ideas in close co-operation with the participating cities.
  2. In four 'Anchor Events' visions of the future for economic structure, a 'federal' urban landscape, sustainable development and the common identity of the region of cities are to be drafted.
  3. The visions of the future are to be presented to the public at a 'Vision Fair'. Common responsibilities, terms of reference and implementation of the visions through common projects are eventually to be agreed on in a 'Regional Contract 2030'.



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Contact: Benjamin Davy

Further information: http://www.ruhr-2030.de/

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