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Metropolitan Studies and Structural Change

Forecast of Demand for Office Space in Essen 2000 (1994)

The city of Essen has a significant growth potential in service employment because of its large number of company headquarters and other headquarter functions. However, in the 1980s the city was unable to exploit this potential because of wrong strategic decisions. In particular it lacked a policy with respect to office space supply, with the consequence that a number of service firms moved to Ratingen or Düsseldorf. In order to correct this mistake, the economic development agency of the city today pursues an explicit office supply policy. However, basic data for such a policy have been missing. This project was the first systematic study of the development of office space supply and the medium-term demand for office space in Essen. The study presented industry-specific coefficients of the demand for office space per office worker and forecasts of the number of office workers and contained first estimates of existing office space and the derivation of the office space coefficients. Under the assumption of two percent annual growth of GDP in the Federal Republic in the 1990s, the demand for office space in Essen was calculated as about 60,000 square metres gross floor-space area per annum.

Contact: Gerd Hennings

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