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Urban Renewal

New Urban Poverty (1996- 1998)

In the project 'Urban Life Worlds and New Poverty' current and foreseeable socio-spatial developments of cities and urban neighbourhoods in North-Rhine Westphalia are studied in three cities (Duisburg, Münster and Wuppertal). The aim is to identify present and future crises of urban development and to propose strategies to cope with them taking account of local policy approaches. With this objective the project is oriented at the goal of sustainable development as defined by the 'Agenda 21' of the United Nations Conference of Rio de Janeiro in 1992. In contrast to the discussion in Germany, which is largely determined by ecological and technical issues, the project focuses primarily on the frequently neglected socioeconomic and socio-spatial preconditions for sustainable urban development. The project is part of the interdisciplinary research network 'Futures in Urban Regions: Neighbourhood-City-Region'. This network includes the Chair of European Spatial Planning at the Department of Spatial Planning (Professor Klaus R. Kunzmann), the Secretariat for Futures Research at the Science Park Gelsenkirchen (Professor Rolf Kreibich) and the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research at the University of Bielefeld (Professor Wilhelm Heitmeyer). Also part of the network is the IRPUD project 'Social Disintegration and Ethnic-Cultural Conflicts'. The research network is supported by the Ministries of Research, Urban Development, Culture and Sports and Employment, Health and Social Affairs of the State of North-Rhine Westphalia.

Contact: Matthias Sauter

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