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Regional Land Markets

Mehr Bauland +5 (1998)

At the Chair of Land Policy four students under the direction of Benjamin Davy (Markus Kerstein, Marcus Krebs, Melanie Münzer and Michael Höpfner), carried out a study 'Evaluation: More Land for Development +5' for the Deutsche Bank Bauspar AG. The aim of the study was to evaluate local-government land provision policies selected for a prize or an honourable mention in a nation-wide competition in 1993. The evaluation was carried out in two steps, by a questionnaire survey and by interviews. Important results of the evaluation are: Local governments consider land provision problems as less serious than five years ago. In particular cooperative strategies of land proivision (e.g. voluntary land readjustment) and active land policies (e.g. land banking) have proved to be effective. Ecological considerations have found too little attention - probably under the impression of serious land scarcity. As some case have shown, issues of social inequity can be significant obstacles to planned land uses.

Contact: Benjamin Davy

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