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Education and Practice in Spatial Planning

Careers in Spatial Planning (2001- 2002)

IRPUD and the Informationskreis für Raumplanung (IfR) are again conducting a survey about the careers of spatial planners after graduation from the University of Dortmund. The project aims at following the careers of graduates of the Department of Spatial Planning of the years 1993 to 2000. As in the previous survey of 1993, information about their qualification during their studies, their first job and further career and their current employment, income situation and post-university training will be collected. In addition, interviews with graduates working in new work areas, such as real-estate development, the media and economic promotion, will be conducted. By a comparison between the two surveys, changes in the career opportunities for spatial planners will be identified and used to draw conclusions for student counseling, the information policy of the Department and further development of the curriculum.

Contact: Dipl.-Ing. Ivonne Fischer-Krapohl

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