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Spatial Development in Europe

EMNIGES: Global Subsidies and EU Structural Funds (2000- 2001)

The project 'Development of a Methodology for the Utilisation of Global Subsidies from the EU Structural Funds' is funded by the German Federal Ministry of the Environment through the Federal Environmental Agency. Project partners are the Environment Foundation of the World Wildlife Fund Germany, the nova-Institut Cologne and IRPUD. The project is to contribute to overcoming the negative attitude against global subsidies in Germany and to demonstrate the underestimated potential of global subsidies in order to promote, in conjunction with procedural and budgetary reasons, the use of global subsidies for sustainable regional development. Global subsidies are a financing instrument with little restrictions on the way of spending funds. This leads to a large degree of flexibility for the recipients, but also to the risk that the money is not spent according to the objectives of the donor. In Germany, the instrument of global subsidies of the EU Structural Funds has hardly been recognised.
The project studies how the potential of global subsidies can be utilised for sustainable regional development. To do so requires that the instrument is specified in a way that it satisfies both the character of global subsidies and the need for control of how the funds are spent: On the one hand, the funds should be made available as global subsidies, on the other hand the projects to be funded must comply with the stated objectives in order to be effective for sustainable regional development. The conditions and modifications required for this are to be integrated into a funding scheme for the Federal Republic of Germany which complies both with the relevant EU regulations and with the objectives of regional policy in Germany and German budgetary rules.

Contact: Sebastian Elbe, Günter Kroës, Ute Middelmann

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