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Spatial Development in Europe

ESPON 2.3.1: Application and Effects of the ESDP in Member States (2004- 2006)

In 1999 the Member States of the European Union accepted the European Spatial Development Perspective (ESDP). This informal and not binding document is the main object for analysis in the ESPON 2.3.1 project. Covering all current member states of the EU, the debate and application regarding the ESDP will be scrutinized. For that purpose, essential national planning documents will be evaluated, interviews conducted, and finally case studies undertaken. IRPUD provides to the project methodological know-how and develops data and indicator to assess the impact of the ESDP on national planning. Lead Partner of the project is Nordregio, Stockholm.

Contact: Prof. Dr. rer.pol. Peter Ache

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  • Ache, P.; Höweler, M.; Lindner C.; Peters, S.: Application and effects of the ESDP in Member States – ESPON 2.3.1 project

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