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Spatial Development in Europe

ESPON 2.3.2: Governance of Territorial and Urban Policies from EU to Local Level (2004- 2006)

The generic topic of the ESPON 2.3.2 project is the multi-level governance system constituted by the European Union. The project tries to analyse specific developments regarding the field of territorial and urban policies - though still wide in scope. Several intentions are linked to this task: On the one hand and due to enlargement, the European Commission is in need of an up-date for the European Spatial Planning Compendium, published for the old member states back in the mid 1990s. On other hand, the perspective under which the planning system is looked at has changed, expressed in the term 'territorial and urban policies'. This reflects the meanwhile much wider scope of different routes into 'planning', be it in terms of private developers acting on behalf of public bodies or the increasing importance of project led planning. Overall, the project addresses rather complex questions implying that only first ideas and hypotheses might be developed, especially when looking at effects or impacts of 'governance'. A further context is provided with the recent debate on 'territorial cohesion' and the future orientation of structural policies. IRPUD develops for the ESPON 2.3.2 project data and indicators and is also responsible for methodological questions. Beyond that, case studies shall help understand current particularities of 'territorial and urban policies'. Lead Partner in the ESPON 2.3.2 project is the University of Valencia.

Contact: Prof. Dr. rer.pol. Peter Ache

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