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Spatial Risk Management and Climate Impact Research

ESPON 2013/1/4: Climate change and territorial effects on regions and local economies (2009- 2011)

The ESPON project 2013/1/4 “Climate change and territorial effects on regions and local economies” deals with the impacts of climate change on the European regions and their economies as well as the consequences for spatial planning. Therefore the projects seeks to analyse the regional sensitivities towards climate stimuli and the likely economic effects of climate change on European regions also considering mitigation and adaptation measures. Eventually, the projects aims at the development of new potential regional typologies with respect to the multitude of aspects and consequences in the context of climate change.

Contact: Dr. rer. pol. Mark Fleischhauer, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Greiving, Dr. Ing. Alexandra Hill, Dr.-Ing. Christian Lindner, Dr. rer. pol. Johannes Lückenkötter, Dr. rer. pol. Jacqueline Runje

Further information: http://www.espon-climate.eu

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