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Spatial Development in Europe

Ex-ante Evaluation of EU Regional Programmes in Bavaria (1999- 2000)

Also in Bavaria regions receive support from the Structural Funds of the EU. They include peripheral border regions in eastern Bavaria as well as some old industrial regions, such as the cities of Nuremberg, Schweinfurt und Fürth. The ex-ante evaluation was conducted for the Bavarian Ministry for Economy, Transport and Technology in co-operation with the InWis Institute of Bochum. It had three tasks: First, the strengths and weaknesses of the receiving regions were analysed. The result of the analysis was that the income potential in these regions is significantly lower than in the rest of Bavaria and other parts of Germany. Second, the policy areas and policy objectives designated by the state government were examined as to their compliance with EU objectives. For this it was assessed in how far the proposed policies are likely to contribute to the reduction of regional economic disparities. In addition it was analysed, in how far the policies correspond to the general policy objectives of 'equal opportunity between women and men' and 'protection of the environment'. Third, in co-operation with the ministries participating in the programmes, indicators for for monitoring and evaluation of the programme period were developed. These indicators are an important basis for further evaluations both during and after programme execution. They are defined in project-oriented terms in order to permit monitoring and evaluation of individual projects. They serve to document the implementation and goal achievement of individual projects and allow an immediate analysis of their success and impacts.

Contact: Franz-Josef Bade

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