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Spatial Development in Europe

Ex-post Evaluation of Objective-2 Regional Programmes (1996)

One of the objectives of the regional policy of the European Union is the promotion of economic structural change in regions particularly affected by industrial decline ('Objective-2 regions'). One of the Objective-2 regions in Germany, besides the Saar and several regions in Rheno-Palatinate and North-Rhine Westphalia, is West Berlin. In the programme period 1989-1993 West Berlin received some 130 million ECU from the Regional Fund (EFRD) and the Social Fund (ESF) of the European Union. During and after the operational period of the programme the actual utilisation of the subsidies and their effects on the development of the assisted regions were monitored. In this project the impacts of assistance from of the Structural Funds received by West Berlin between 1989 and 1993 were evaluated for the European Commission. The project was conducted in cooperation with QUASAR in Madrid, the second large city evaluated in the overall evaluation of the European regional policy. The purpose of the cooperation was to compare the effectiveness of the subsidies in the two cities.

Contact: Franz-Josef Bade

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