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Gender Studies

Housing Projects for Women (1997- 1998)

The Chair of Women's Studies and Housing Research worked on a research project on housing projects for women commissioned by the Ministry of Science and Research of the State of North-Rhine Westphalia. The study focused on two questions: What is the contribution of housing projects for women to the emancipation of women and what is their impact on housing policy? The study compiled an inventory of implemented and planned projects that explicitly understand themselves as housing projects in the interest of women. Besides a detailed presentation of all projects, projects were classified with respect to who initiated them, who are their target groups and how are they financed. In addition recommendations how to implement housing projects for women were addressed to interested women or women groups as well as to potential developers. The common experience is that financing poses the most serious obstacle to the implementation of housing projects for women. It was therefor planned to derive possible financing schemes from existing projects.

Contact: Ruth Becker

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