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Spatial Development in Europe

GEMACA II: European Metropolitan Areas (2000- 2001)

The INTERREG IIC project 'The Competitiveness of the Leading European Metropolitan Areas' conducted by the Group for European Metropolitan Areas Comparative Analysis (GEMACA) aims at generating comparable information and data on the economic evolution over the past ten years of the major metropolitan regions of north-west Europe and at identifying the conditions which favour the development of economic activities with strong potential for growth and the role which policy can play to facilitate their growth. In a first project phase a database of critical economic, social and physical indicators was assembled for fourteen metropolitan areas. In the ongoing second project phase the impact of policy measures at the local, regional and national level on the growth of selected industries is being studied in the four metropolitan areas Dublin, London, Paris and Rhine-Ruhr. IRPUD contributes to the study by providing and mapping spatial data on transport networks and by calculating accessibility indicators for the fourteen study areas.

Contact: Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Spiekermann

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