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Sustainable Spatial Development

Development of Natural Areas in the Lausitz Lignite Mining Region (1995- 1998)

The project 'Socio-economic Conditions and Objectives in the Development of Natural Areas in the Lausitz Lignite Mining Region' is a sub-project of the collaborative research programme LENAB funded by the Federal Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Technology and the Lausitz and Middle-German Mining Administration Ltd. The programme is to contribute to the promotion of equivalent living conditions as compared with other regions and to the creation of industrial, commercial, agricultural and natural opportunities through the ecological development of mining succession landscapes. In the development of mining succession landscapes the linkage between ecological and socio-economic facts and objectives is particularly close. The Dortmund project aims at taking account of this close linkage by conducting a socio-economic analysis through a survey among residents amd expert interviews in cooperation with the other, predominantly science-oriented projects. Another goal of the Dortmund project is to make the derivation of practical conclusions from the results of the analysis and the selection of design alternatives for the former mining sites a discursive process and the development of guidelines and policy concepts a pluralist process of goal finding and evaluation. The Dortmund project develops design alternatives as scenarios based on regional analyses and existing programmes and plans and submits these scenarios to an interdisciplinary evaluation. The evaluation and moderation is to facilitate the review of disciplinary positions and interests towards practical consensus and to identify rational arguments for the selected solutions.

Contact: Rainer Stierand

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