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Urban Renewal

Border Area or Melting Pot? (2000- 2001)

Following the study on social problems caused by immigration as seen by long-term German residents, (see 'Migration without Moving?'), the new project 'Border Area or Melting Pot? - Commonalities and Boundaries between Immigrants from Different Countries in a Traditional Immigration Neighbourhood', which is again supported by the Volkswagen Foundation, is to explore another aspect neglected by research. As immigration often has been viewed only from the exclusive perspective of one particular group (mostly residents of Turkish origin), it is highly relevant to address the diversity of groups of immigrants and their increasing differentiation during the last forty years. It is hoped that conclusions for practical planning can be derived from this. Because there is little knowlegde about social differentiation in immigration neighbourhoods, the project aims at studying which groups have developed by immigration, how they see themselves and other groups and what are the relationships between the groups. Only with a comprehensive understanding of the social processes brought about by immigration, urban planning and urban renewal can (within the constraints of their limited possibilities) influence developments. As in the previous project, the Borsigplatz neighbourhood of Dortmund was selected as study area. This has the advantage that the knowledge about social developments in the neighbourhood already accumulated can be utilised. The project will end in November of 2001.

Contact: Volker Kreibich

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