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Spatial Development and Transport

IASON: Spatial Impacts of European Transport Policies (2001- 2003)

The goal of the project 'Integrated Appraisal of Spatial Economic and Network Effects of Transport Investments and Policies' (IASON) of the 5th RTD Framework of the European Union is to improve the understanding of the impacts of transport policies on short- and long-term spatial development in the EU and to develop a unified framework for the assessment of European transport policies integrating network, regional economic and macro-economic impacts. For this the following tasks are to be achieved:

  1. improvement of existing assessment frameworks so that direct and indirect impacts are distinguished and the incidence of benefits and costs are transparent,
  2. further development of two existing regional economic models and their application for scenario simulations which allow the analysis of network, regional economic and macro-economic impacts of transport policies,
  3. establishment of a discussion platform for communication with other projects and the scientific community and
  4. development of guidelines and recommendations for project analysis of transport investments and policies and tools and databases for the application of the results of the project for policy analysis.

The project team includes research institutions from Austria, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland and the United Kingdom under the co-ordination of the Organisation for Applied Research (TNO) of Delft.

It is the task of IRPUD to extend, refine and apply the model of regional socio-economic development developed and tested in the 4th Framework project SASI and to compare its results with the other regional economic model applied in the project, the CGEurope Model developed at the Institute of Regional Research of the Christian Albrechts University of Kiel.

Contact: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Wegener

Related publications:

  • Johannes Bröcker, Artis Kancs, Carsten Schürmann, Michael Wegener: Methodology for the Assessment of Spatial Economic Impacts of Transport Projects and Policies
  • Johannes Bröcker, U. Kretschmer , Carsten Schürmann, Klaus Spiekermann, D. Stelder, Michael Wegener: The IASON Common Spatial Database

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