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Spatial Planning in Developing Countries

The Influence of Central Grants on District Development in Ghana (1995- 2007)

In 1988 local governments (districts) in Ghana were given responsibility for most fields of local development. To enable them to carry out their new responsibilities, they were given the right to levy certain local taxes. However, for many districts this income is not sufficient and they continue to depend on financial assistance by the government. In the project the structure and allocation modalities of government assistance were studied at two levels: at the national level the legal regulations and administrative procedures for financial assistance and at the district level their impacts on planning and implementation of development policies in a selected district. Based on the analysis concluding recommendations for further development of the financial system were derived. The study was part of the cooperation between the research programme of the advanced study course of the Department of Spatial Planning for planners from Africa and Asia (SPRING) and the University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana (Dr. Jonas Kokor).

Contact: Günter Kroës

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