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Culture, Economy and Urban Development

Information System for the Fashion Industry (1996- 1998)

The State government of North-Rhine Westphalia decided to implement policy recommendations from the Fashion Industry Report for North-Rhine Westphalia prepared by IRPUD (see 'Fashion Industry Report for NRW'). In the Science Park Gelsenkirchen a 'Special Information and Transfer System for the Fashion Industry' (FITS) is being developed. A parallel research project at IRPUD collects information for FITS and studies issues related to the fashion industry, economic promotion and regional development. After its introduction FITS will be monitored as a new instrument for sectoral economic development with respect to its acceptance by industry, efficiency and transferability to other industries. In addition the Fashion Industry Group at IRPUD, together with other research institutes, conducts a number of case studies in which policies for promoting the fashion industry in regions in Germany and abroad with a significant fashion industry component are compared.

Contact: Ingelore Pohl, Christian Grüßen

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