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Sustainable Spatial Development

INTERNAT: Strategic Environmental Assessment (1999)

The project INTERNAT of the 4th Framework of Research and Technology Development of the European Commission aims at the identification of research needs for the development of an integrated method for strategic environmental assessment (SEA) of European transport projects. For this

  1. the current state of the art of environmental assessment including innovative approaches is to be evaluated,
  2. additional spatial aspects are to be incorporated into the assessment,
  3. additional algorithms are to be proposed and
  4. recommendations for future research are to be made.

The Institute of Spatial Planning, in cooperation with the Technischer Überwachungsverein (TÜV) Rheinland, contributes to the project by a pilot study in which, on the basis of the trans-European transport networks developed by IRPUD, a method to determine the slope gradient of individual segments of the trans-European networks from digital terrain models of different spatial resolution is dedeveloped.

Contact: Dipl.-Ing. Meinhard Lemke, Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Spiekermann

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