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Spatial Development in Europe

INTERREG III B accompanying research: Preparation of strategic projects of transnational cooperation (2006- 2008)

The previous community initiative INTERREG was transformed into the goal „European Territorial Cooperation“ (mainstream of the structural development fund) for the 2007-2013 funding period, thus changing the focus of transnational cooperation. Transnational projects much more face the challenge to evolve a strategic profit for the entire cooperation area of concern.

Departing from the original project objective of preparing particular strategic projects, the objective was shifted to the question which kind of contribution could be made for the co-operation areas to support the discussion on strategic INTERREG projects as an outcome of the research project and which starting points for strategic projects could be developed. In the end the project objective was the observation of the different approaches to develop strategic projects in the co-operation areas and to contribute to this process based on the findings of a project selection and analysis. In the same way there was the objective to optimise projects and project proposals in the co-operation areas against the background of the findings from the research project. A supporting document, which can be used for benchmarking and orientation of future INTERREG projects was additionally developed.

The project was funded under the research programme "Demonstration Projects of Spatial Planning (MORO)" of the Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning (BBR) and co-ordinated by the Institute of Spatial Planning (IRPUD). Project partner was Dieter Meyer Consulting GmbH, Oldenburg.

The publication “Developing and Assessing Strategic Transnational Co-operation Projects (INTERREG IV B)” can be downloaded here:

Contact: Univ.-Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Hans H. Blotevogel, Dr. rer. pol. Mark Fleischhauer

Further information: http://www.bbsr.bund.de/cln_007/nn_25950/BBSR/EN/RP/MORO/Studies/PreparationStratProjects/01__Start.html

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