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Urban Renewal

Social Disintegration and Ethnic-Cultural Conflicts (1996- 1998)

The project 'Social Disintegration and Ethnic-Cultural Conflicts in Metropolitan Areas in North-Rhine Westphalia' is part of a research programme of the Interdisciplinary Research Group on Multi-Ethnic Conflicts at the University of Bielefeld. Based on the hypothesis that socially disintegrated cities and urban neighbourhoods present unfavourable conditions for the integration and identity formation of immigrants, three major cities are studied in the project with respect to the conditions they offer for multi-ethnic community life. In the study the objective and subjectively perceived life situations and opportunities of immigrants and the political culture and behaviour of public agencies are analysed and compared and policy recommendations are made. The contribution of IRPUD consists in the analysis of housing quality and housing environment as a potential cause of conflict in multi-ethnic urban neighbourhoods. The project is part of the research network 'Futures in Urban Regions: Neighbourhood-City-Region' funded by the State of North-Rhine Westphalia (see also 'New Urban Poverty').

Contact: Heike Schiewer

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