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Spatial Development and Transport

Load Limits for Lorries (1995- 1996)

This study analysed the impacts of an increase in the load limit for lorries from presently 28 to 40 tonnes for modal split in freight transport in Switzerland. In addition to Swiss domestic and import and export transport the study considered in particular East-West transit transport, which due to new motorway construction in Germany and France is likely to grow significantly in the future. Because of its exploratory character the study was limited to a literature review. The review focused on analyses and forecasts of total tonnes-km of freight transport due to the additional loads made possible by an increase in load limit and of the likely impacts on rail freight transport. The project was funded by the Verkehrsclub der Schweiz together with the Alpeninitiative. It was a cooperation with the Büro für Stadt und Verkehr, Kamp-Lintfort.

Contact: Franz-Josef Bade

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