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Culture, Economy and Urban Development

Globalisation and the Fashion Industry (1997- 1999)

The project on the fashion industry and regional development (see 'Information System for the Fashion Industry') is complemented since January 1997 by another project funded by the European Commission and the State government of North-Rhine Westphalia. The project analyses how the fashion industry responds to the globalisation of the economy and what kind of programmes and policies are applied to its support and develops concepts for supporting the restructuring processes of the German and European fashion industries in the areas of ecology, education and training, new media and new technologies. The project is a collaboration of the Fashion Industry Group at IRPUD with the Nottingham Trent University, the University of North London, the Centre d'Études Techniques des Industries de l'Habillement in Paris and the Istituto per la Tradizione e la Tecnologia Tessile in Biella, Italy.

Contact: Christian Grüßen, Ingelore Pohl

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