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Culture, Economy and Urban Development

Fashion Industry in North-Rhine Westphalia (1993- 1996)

The development of the textile and clothing industry in North-Rhine Westphalia has in recent years moved into two directions. On the one hand there have been dramatic losses of employment in traditional fields of production, on the other hand there have emerged at some locations internationally competitive centres of fashion design, fashion production and fashion trade. In the project 'Fashion Industry in North-Rhine Westphalia' funded by the Ministry of Economy, Small Industry and Technology of North-Rhine Westphalia a comprehensive database about the fashion industry and its linkages to other industries was compiled, and its endogenous potentials, constraints and locational requirements were analysed and evaluated in expert interviews. Case studies in cities and regions of the State helped to draw conclusions about the urban environment necessary for the competitiveness of this innovative and creative industry. The results of the project are laid down in the first Fashion Industry Report for North-Rhine Westphalia (see Publications). The report shows, inter alia, locations of fashion industry potentials and presents locational decisions and location needs, up-to-date economic data and recent economic trends as well as the risks and challenges resulting from them for the fashion industry in North-Rhine Westphalia.

Contact: Christian Grüßen, Ingelore Pohl

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