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Urban Transport

Comparison of Public Transport Plans (2000- 2001)

Local public transport plans in Germany will need to be updated in the near future. This gives the opportunity for a critical look back. There is a great variety in the quality of local public transport plans, which is partly explained by the great time pressure under which they had to be worked out. The research project for the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Small-and Medium-Size Industries, Energy and Transport of the state of North-Rhine Westphalia compares local public transport plans from North-Rhine Westphalia and selected examples from other Federal states in order to learn for the next generation of local public transport plans and to contribute to improving their quality. Criteria for the selection of case studies include, besides exceptional quality, also the different legislative approaches taken by different Federal states to regionalise the responsibility for public transport. This will allow to draw conclusions on the impact of that legislation on the past implementation of local public transport plans.
Local public transport plans have to document and analyse the existing transport infrastructure and traffic flows, to develop objectives for the future improvement of public transport supply, to forecast future travel demand and to suggest policies and measures for the optimum design of public transport. In addition, public transport plans have to observe the objectives of national and state planning, the requirements of environmental protection and the principles of economic and budgetary feasibility and have to be co-ordinated with other public agencies. Based on these functions, particular attention will be paid to the definition of quality standards for the evaluation of the existing situation and of policy options and to the co-ordination during formulation and implementation of public transport plans.

Contact: Christian Holz-Rau

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