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Sustainable Spatial Development

Pooling Potential of Work Trips (1991- 1994)

This research project for the Berlin Research Institute of the Daimler Benz AG studied possibilities to reduce the number of car work trips by shared use of cars in car pools, limousines or other more flexible forms of public transport below public mass transit. In the study a microsimulation model of travel decisions linked with a geographical information system was developed. Two work trips were considered poolable if their origins (residences) and destinations (work places) coincided or if the origin or destination of the shorter trip was located along the route of the longer trip and if their departure times were not too different. The results show that the pooling potential of work trips is substantial. Under realistic assumptions about acceptable walking distances and waiting times, between forty and sixty percent of work trip kilometres could be saved.

A summary of Pooling Potential of Work Trips can be found here.

Contact: Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Spiekermann, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Wegener

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