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Spatial Development in Europe

PRESOM - Privatisation and the European Social Model (2006- 2009)

PRESOM was a Coordination Action (CA) which was funded within the 6th Framework Programme of the EU under Priority 7 Citizens and Governance in a Knowledge-Based Society. In the first phase an analysis was made of:

  1. the background and history of liberalisation and privatisation in the EU,
  2. theoretical approaches to the explanation of liberalisation and privatisation,
  3. the different concepts of the European Social Model.

In the second phase comprehensive case studies on liberalisation and privatisation in the sectors network services (telecommunication), social services (pensions and health care) and education were undertaken. Liberalisation and privatisation in the central and eastern European countries which acceded to the EU in 2004 were specially assessed. Thereafter analyses of economic, political and social impact of liberalisation and privatisation took place. In the third and last phase an integrated concept favourable to public services and to a strong European Social Model was formulated.

The CA followed a heterodox theoretical and political approach, i.e. it analysed critically the neoliberal mainstream which dominates the European deregulation and privatisation policies.

16 partners from 10 EU countries participated in PRESOM and the University of Dortmund was the coordinator.

A diagram with the content of this project can be found here.

Contact: Dr. rer. pol. Jacqueline Runje

Further information: http://www.presom.eu

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