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Urban Renewal

Tenant-Organised Projects for the Integrated Development of Large Housing Estates (1995- 1998)

Based on the research project 'Urban Neighbourhoods in Crisis' of the European Commission conducted between 1992 and 1995, the Arbeitsgruppe Bestandsverbesserung (Urban Renewal Group) of IRPUD develops guidelines for tenant-oriented approaches to the renewal of high-rise housing estates of the 1960s for the Ministry of Construction and Housing of North-Rhine Westphalia. Experience from abroad shows that increased participation of tenants in housing and neighbourhood self-organisation can have positive effects particularly in high-rise housing estates. The experience of the Régies des Quartiers in France, the Dutch Burtbeheer projects and the Development Trusts of Britain has hardly been utilised in the practice in North-Rhine Westphalia. Here are important opportunities for policy action by the State government and for cooperation with housing development companies. The project is not to produce a report but an illustrated brochure as guideline with concrete proposals for projects suitable to recruit and motivate cooperation partners.

Contact: Matthias Sauter

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