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Sustainable Spatial Development

Natural Rain Water Management (1994- 1998)

The Chair of Landscape Ecology and Landscape Planning participates in the project group 'Natural Rain Water Management in Built-Up Areas' of the Federal Ministry of Research and Technology with a pilot project for rain water infiltration in industrial estates. The Getränke Selters KG implemented a model infiltration system for rain water collected at its new bottling plant in Dortmund-Derne. The rain water of 15,000 square metres of roof area and 10,000 square metres of road area are fed through pipes below and above ground into 9,000 square metres of artificial cascade troughs where it filtrates into the ground. At the same time the troughs count as ecological compensation area as required by the Federal Nature Protection Law. In the context of the project also a digital map for decentralised rain water management was prepared for the City of Dortmund.

Contact: Mathias Kaiser

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