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Spatial Development and Transport

SASI: Spatial Impacts of Trans-European Networks (1996- 2000)

The project 'Socio-economic and Spatial Impacts of Transport Infrastructure Investments and Transport System Improvements' (SASI) aimed at the development of a simulation model for forecasting the socioeconomic and spatial impacts of large transport investments in Europe. In particular the model was to analyse different scenarios of the development of the trans-European transport networks (TETN) planned by the European Commission. With respect to the cohesion objective of the European Union the model was to answer the question which regions of the European Union are likely to benefit from the TETN and which regions are likely to be disadavantaged. SASI was project in the Fourth Framework for Research and Technology Development of the European Commission, DG VII (Transport). The international project consortium was coordinated by the Institute of Urban and Regional Research of the Technical University of Vienna, the third project partner was the Department of Town and Regional Planning of the University of Sheffield

Contact: Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Spiekermann, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Wegener

Further information: http://www.raumplanung.uni-dortmund.de/irpud/pro/sasi/sasi.htm

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