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Spatial Planning in Developing Countries

Small-Scale Industries in Thailand (1995- 1996)

In recent years Thailand has been one of the fastest growing countries in the Third World. The GDP growth rates in the 1980s were in the range of six to eight percent per annum. Thailand's economic development was carried by a highly successful, export-oriented industry ninety percent of which consisted of small firms with less than fifty workers. The investigation documented the economic and industrial structural change of the country and analysed the small-scale industry in Thailand based on a large number of Thai sources complemented by own research. The study presented the characteristics and problems of small-scale industries and the system of promotion of small-scale industries in Thailand. The study was part of the research programme of the advanced study course of the Department of Spatial Planning for planners from Africa and Asia (SPRING) and was based on field research in Thailand.

Contact: Gerd Hennings

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