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Urban Renewal

Social City (2000- 2002)

The Arbeitsgruppe Bestandsverbesserung (Urban Renewal Group) AGB co-operates with the Institut für Landes- und Stadtentwicklungsforschung of the State of North-Rhine Westphalia (ILS) in advising the neighbourhood project "Gelsenkirchen Bismarck/Schalke-Nord". The project is part of a joint research programme of the Federal government and the governments of the German Länder "Urban Neighbourhoods with Special Need for Development - Social City", for which in its first year 161 neighbourhoods have been selected. In the programme the Deutsche Institut für Urbanistik (German Institute for Urbanism) organises accompanying research projects in 16 model neighbourhoods - including Bismarck/Schalke-Nord - , in wich experienced research groups over a period of two years advise and 'activate' the stakeholders in the model neighbourhoods and give innovative impulses for the further development of the projects. The tasks of the accompanying research projects include:

  • organisation of kick-off meetings,
  • advisory services (e.g. suggestions for shared-cost activities and how to obtain funding from multiple agencies,
  • organisation and preparation of workshops, exhibitions and special initiatives such as 'round tables' on specific issues or 'future' or 'idea' workshops,
  • preparation and supervision of special expertises and other services,
  • writing of intermediate progress reports and of final reports on the projects.

The Deutsche Institut für Urbanistik co-ordinates the accompanying research projects based on quality agreements with the participating research institutes.

Contact: Matthias Sauter

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