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Metropolitan Studies and Structural Change

South European Metropoles (1994- 1996)

The project 'The Regulation of Urban Growth - New Territorial Systems in Metropoles at the Southern Rim of Europe' was funded by the Volkswagen Foundation as part of its Targeted Research Area 'Europe after its Southern Expansion'. The project investigated the spatial restructuring process caused by rapid post-industrial growth experienced by capital cities at the southern rim of the European Union (Madrid and Rome). The urban periphery of these cities has become the arena of this restructuring process based on flexible production and consumption patterns, which require new forms of spatial planning and regulation. In the project case studies were conducted in Madrid and Rome to analyse the spatial impacts of urban growth and to compare the planning responses in the two cities

Contact: apl. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ursula von Petz, Prof. Dr. em. Volker Kreibich

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