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Spatial Development and Transport

TRANSLAND: Integrated Transport and Land Use Planning (1999- 2000)

The project TRANSLAND for the European Commission was to identify and assess innovative practice and future research needs in the field of integrated land use and transport planning in urban regions. In the transition from the 4th to the 5th Framework Programme for Research and Technology Development of the European Union, the project was to

  • in retrospective identify examples of good planning practice, knowledge gained from research and institutional preconditions and barriers for integrated land use and transport planning in cities and
  • in prospective recommend future research and policies at the European and national level and make suggestions for a coherent work programme in the 5th Framework Programme.

Steps for achieving these objectives were:

  1. a compilation of examples of good planning practice and an assessment of their transferability.
  2. an overview of institutional and legal instruments to support integrated planning approaches,
  3. the derivation of recommendations for the improvement of planning inastruments and procedures at the European and national level and
  4. the selection and prioritisation of future research and institutional developments.

Project partners were TRL (UK), TNO INRO (Netherlands), Socialdata (Germany), ISIS (Italy) and CERTU and CETE (France). The project is a cooperation with the Chairs of City and Regional Planing (SRP) and Transport and Transport Planning (VPL).

Contact: Prof. Dr. Stefan Greiving, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Wegener

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