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Culture, Economy and Urban Development

VETHSI: Virtual European Textile Heritage Sites' Itineraries (2000- 2001)

This project, which is funded by the EU Cultural Programme RAPHAEL, has 13 partners, including ten European museums (e.g. the City Museum of Antwerp, The German Textile Museum of Krefeld and the Ethnographic Museum of St. Petersburg). The aim of the project is to identify regional characteristics and commonalities of the cultural heritage and current economic potential of the textile industry and to utilise them for promoting sectoral and regional development. In a first phase, eleven 'textile routes' are presented in the Internet. These routes will be translated later into real routes and into international co-operation networks. They are to be understood in the context of current innovative concepts for regional development (such as the International Building Exhibition Emscher Park, the 'Route of Industrial Heritage' in the Ruhr Area or the Expo 2000) as basis for future projects and points of departure for synergies between the textile sector and other socially and economically relevant domains. IRPUD's task is to analyse goals and strategies of such regional development concepts and to demonstrate the variety of potentials in a model study of North-Rhine Westphalia. The model study is intended to serve as guidance for the other project partners when developing their own routes and networks.

Contact: Christian Grüßen, Ingelore Pohl

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