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Spatial Development and Transport

Visualisation of Acceleration (1996- 1999)

In 1997 Switzerland is celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Swiss railways. For this occasion the railway division of the Swiss Transport Museum in Luzern was redesigned. IRPUD contributed to the new exhibition an interactive computer programme for the visualisation of historical and future changes of railway travel times in Switzerland and Europe. The programme shows how through the evolution of the Swiss and European railway network spatial friction is reduced by enabling passengers to reach ever more distant places in less and less time. The visualisation is effected by isochrone maps showing areas with equal travel times from a selected origin in equal colours. Visitors of the exhibition can study the changes in space-time in Switzerland and Europe from the perspective of any railway station in Switzerland and a large selection of railway stations all over Europe.

A German version of the final report is available here.

Contact: Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Spiekermann

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